Re: CD ripping software that works well with NVDA

Roger Stewart

Can someone please give me a direct download link for Exact Audio Copy?  I tried Googling it, and I get a download page and when I choose download, it goes to another page with another download link and when I choose that, I'm sent to yet another page and I have gone through about a dozen such page transfers and have yet to actually get the danged program! Hope someone can help.



On 1/28/2018 8:37 AM, erik burggraaf wrote:

Exact audio copy and CDex are the two most popular and accessible.  I began with CDex and liked it a lot when I still used windows for such things.  Exact audio copy is the favourite of purists and audiofiles because out of the box it has extremely strict error checking.  CDex can do this, but needs to be set up for it and at that, it takes longer than EAC to rip with strict settings.

Hope this helps,


On January 28, 2018 9:14:06 AM "Steve Nomer" <> wrote:


I have a large number of CDs that need to be ripped. Are there some good
rippers out there that work well with NVDA? Thanks for any suggestions.


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