WinTenApps 18.02 released, taking a break in February and looking for volunteers to help out with this add-on #addonrelease


Hi all,


Windows 10 App Essentials 18.02 is now available (from the usual place via the usual update method). This release introduces a workaround for some apps that wouldn’t let NVDA announce new messages automatically, as well as improving emoji panel experience for Windows Insiders.


Important: in order to concentrate on school and other things (including putting last minute touches to Welcome to NVDA 2018 tutorial series and preparing for national speech and debate competitions in April), I’m taking a break from development of this add-on in February. During this time:

  • There won’t be a lot of development snapshot releases (worst case scenario is none during February). I’ll try my best to release one or two development snapshots if an issue that requires my attention comes up (especially if an Insider Preview breaks some functionality and urgent workaround is needed).
  • I’d like to request help from volunteers to maintain this add-on. If you’d like to submit code (especially app modules for universal aps), please send pull requests via GitHub. I’ll try my best to incorporate your work (giving credit in the process) as soon as I return from this “add-on development vacation”.


P.S. The real reason: Producing Welcome to NVDA 2018 tutorial set has burned me out, thus I’m desperate for a break. Besides, I do need to concentrate on preparing for possibly two national speech and debate competitions in April, as well as making sure I am ready to learn new things in college courses (for reference, I am a Cal State LA student and a speech and debate competitor there alongside carrying out my duties for the NVDA community); as much as NVDA community and my add-ons (and code contributions and what not) are important, I cannot forget who I truly am (a student), hence taking a break from NVDA activities for a while (I’ll discuss my current situation in a later post).

Thank you and enjoy the new WinTenApps update.



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