Re: NVDA version next-14816,6626ffe4, problem speaking writen characters

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Hi I just downloaded the latest next as a portable but on the hard drive and cannot get the effect you describe here. Are you sure its not in some odd focus mode, IE a move to desktop focus does not make it work?
It has always seemed a bit reticent to talk when there is a kind of non focus condition.

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA version next-14816,6626ffe4, problem speaking writen characters

When I start NVDA, the characters written on the keyboard are not spoken, although this option is enabled.

To activate the reading of the characters written by the keyboard, I press "NVDA + 2" to deactivate and, again, the same keys, to activate again, being solved.

When I restart NVDA, the problem reappears.

I am using windows7 pro.


Ângelo Abrantes

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