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In what context does this occur. Obviously, nvda responds to what the application is doing to control this. If you have echo keys as they are typed on on some dodgy web sites I've noticed it saying p star a star etc, when the keyboard repeat should be off. I have not seen this on good software or web sites. s. Some web sites allow you to toggle speaking of passwords on and off of course, and there is I think an nvda add on that allows you to hear passwords.After all if you are alone and want to make sure you typed it correctly, why not? Thus I think in order to answer your question we would need to know the specific case when its happening and you think it should not so others can test it.
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Respected friends, sometimes NVDA speaks the password which I type instead off the star.
Please let me know how can I prevent it by speaking the actual character of my password!
I sincerely hope that my email will be answered as earliest!
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