Re: It is accomplished: Welcome to NVDA 2018 is now COMPLETE!

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If anyone of you is having problem of downloading the latest tutorial of NVDA given by Joseph Lee, write me of list:


I will give you my dropbox link.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] It is accomplished: Welcome to NVDA 2018 is now COMPLETE!


Hi Joseph, One thing to warn people about the download from that location is

only running about 1.2mb a second so its going to be quite a long download.

What is needed is a faster site.




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Subject: [nvda] It is accomplished: Welcome to NVDA 2018 is now COMPLETE!



> Dear global NVDA community,

> It is done! I'm delighted to announce the immediate release of the

> long-awaited update to a popular series of free tutorials for NVDA users:

> Welcome to NVDA, now in its third edition. Based on NVDA 2018.1 with some

> features from 2017.4, this tutorial set will take you on a cruise around

> NVDA world, including installation, concepts, usage, commands,

> configuration, tools, add-ons and beyond.

> The complete package (as a zip file) with introduction and what's new, the

> main tutorial series, and two addenda can be found at:



> The changes made between 2015 and 2018 editions are too numerous to list,

> but the highlights include use of a completely new speech synthesizer, web

> browsing using Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, new settings and

> concepts, and so many changes to add-ons and other topics. It'll take

> pages

> to talk about changes between 2013 and 2018 editions, as there are so many

> to list.

> Copyright notices: NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is copyright 2006-2018

> by

> NV Access Limited, released under GPL 2. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft

> Edge,

> Windows OneCore voices and related products are copyright Microsoft

> Corporation. Firefox is copyright Mozilla Foundation. Other products

> mentioned in the tutorial set are copyrighted by makers of these products.

> Welcome to NVDA tutorial set is copyright 2013-2018 Joseph Lee, with

> permissive license for free distribution and sharing.

> One major announcement: this will be my last grand scale tutorial project

> for the NVDA community. We have better tutorials now, including the

> official

> NVDA Basic Training module from NV Access. If anyone wants to produce the

> fourth edition of Welcome to NVDA (perhaps in 2020), you have my blessing.

> All I ask of you is that you do it not for fame or glory, but because you

> love this community.

> Also, regarding payments for my work: the Welcome to NVDA series is, was,

> and should remain free in consideration for many people who do not have

> financial security to pay for assistance or product tutorials. If you

> insist

> on paying me for this tutorial, I'd rather ask you to donate to NV Access

> instead so NVDA screen reader development can continue. If you still

> insist

> on paying me (apart from offering me a scholarship at Cal State LA;

> joking),

> I'd still ask you to donate to NV Access, or if you want, a worthy project

> that improves lives in the long run.

> Other final matters:

> * Text transcriptions are always welcome.

> * Translations are more than welcome.

> * Converting this into other formats is welcome (including DAISY).

> * I hereby give you permission to quote my tutorial for different

> purposes (writing essays, as part of a research paper, websites,

> mainstream

> media and what not). All I ask is a small citation.

> Final remarks: I'd like to thank you all for your support for the last six

> weeks. All of you are a part of this effort.

> Enjoy (and share) the tutorial set, and once again, welcome to NVDA 2018!

> Cheers,

> Joseph






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