Re: How to not start NVDA at login?


Well if you have a portable nvda on you or can get one and maybe a sightling to right click nvda icon for you and quit it or end it in task manager then you can use that and then well run a system restore, or just clear the mangled file that may work.

Thats probably the only thing I can suggest.

I have had this happen myself with some software I have always had this happen with some users I have done work for.

I luckily had the system backed up and I was able to reformat and make the issue go away.

I never really looked into fixing this when it happened to me once before as after a good reformat it never came back but maybe I was lucky.

On 2/02/2018 5:30 p.m., Tony Malykh wrote:
Hi all,
I somehow broke my NVDA by writing a buggy addon and now NVDA doesn’t work. Moreover it somehow prevents the other screenreaders (jaws, narrator) from running. To make things even worse, the keyboard doesn’t seem to be working - otherwise I would’ve opened a command line terminal and typed up the command to erase the file in appdata\roaming\NVDA\globalPlugins. Insert+Q doesn’t work either.

So my question is: Is there a way to not start NVDA at login time? Or at least make it not load the addons?

NVDA seems to be working fine at the login screen where I need to enter the password, but that is probably because it doesn’t load addons at this time. Once I log in, I hear the four tones NVDA start sound and right after that my keyboard is pretty much dead. I know it’s my fault, I wrote some buggy addon code, but now I really want to revive my computer.

Thank you

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