Re: NVDA still freezing, don't know what the deal is


Thats a point, if it is the display maybe it needs a firmware update.
When I got this gaming keyboard while its software was useless it could run at reduced functionality on windows.
It did have rather old firmware though a thing I found when I looked at its support site.
Its got fully upgraded firmware though now.

On 2/05/2016 8:33 p.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Obviously if you are certain that the problem does not occur whenits not
connected you have proved the issue is that. Next you need to see if
there is a newer version of the driver perhaps?
Not having tried this display, I'm a bit useless on this aspect.
Are there any other bits ofsoftware on the computer that can use the
display that might be able to test f its just nvda or if its a more
general problem. It sounds like a hang not exactly a crash, ie its going
around in circles and not getting out of a loop.
If it happens at a non critical time, what happens if you do the short
tap on the power button which in my case seems to break out of a crashed
piece of software back to a a working condition again.
Too long of course will shut the machine down. I think Word saves its
file in the background and tells you next time you staart of any rescued
documents it may have you might need to get into.
Incidentally did my fix for your name in speech platform work?


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It just happened again, again while I was writing. My mother came to
help me again and tried to save my work. Word wouldn't respond. She
tried to exit NVDA mannually, but it wouldn't allow her to do that. She
scanned NVDA with Microsoft Security Essentials but nothing came up. I'm
now using the computer without my Braille Display. I don't understand
why it's doing this to me, but I can't think of any other culprit. It's
brand new. We bought it in February and I've barely used it, partly
because of this issue and partly because of the MUD I've been playing.
But I've had it plugged into my computer via USB almost constantly since
I got it and installed the driver. The computer usually starts up with
it plugged in.

Please, someone, help! I want to solve this problem as soon as possible!
I've had about enough of this and I don't want to sacrifice my Braille
Display just because this is happening!

On 2/05/2016 7:10 AM, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:
I've mentioned this before, but it's been weeks and I don't know if I
got any more useful help after Joseph said to submit a log entry. Which
given the nature of my problem, I doubt would work.

Since I got my Braille Display in February, NVDA has frozen with
alarming regularity. It hasn't been like previous experiences of the
phenomenon either. I used to occasionally have NVDA freeze, but I could
restart the screen reader with alt+ctrl+n. With this situation, I can't.
NVDA completely stops working. It says nothing. The Braille display's
display remains frozen on whatever was last spoken. I can't restart
NVDA, and sometimes can't even shut down the computer without sighted
help. That's the only way to get things working again—shut down and
restart the computer. I used to only experience this soon after startup,
especially when I tried to activate the snapshot with the experimental
UEB table in it, but now I'm having it happen after the computer's been
going for a while, and it happens on both the normal installation and
the brltbl snapshot. Just now, I had it happen while I was writing in a
document. I was typing merrily away when NVDA stopped reporting letters
and the Braille Display, when I checked it, was only displaying the
first two words I'd typed on that line.

This is getting seriously annoying both for me and my mother, who is my
carer. I don't know what's causing this problem but I have a horrible
feeling it's to do with my Focus 40 Blue, as it didn't happen before I
got it. Can anyone shed some light on this? I want it to stop so my
writing and other activities don't keep getting interrupted.

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