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Well there was a time before I got this i5 duel that I actually didn't start nvda at all or any reader at startup because it was unstable.
The only reason I do it now is simply because just in case something comes up.
From time to time it will not start or is slow or will crash or something.
I find that leaving the pc for a few minutes is best.
Its worst on the first startup of the day.

On 2/05/2016 9:00 p.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
I think originally it was proffered that it was due to nvda missing an
item, due to timing issues, but it is so flaky that nobody seemed to be
able to get a definitive answer.

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Wow! I use Firefox, and I don't think I've ever had this problem.


On May 1, 2016, at 1:26 PM, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:

But the problem here is that when you are in the proper part of the
Window and have opened a page, you have to tab once at times to be
able to move in and read the page. I haven't paid much attention to
this. In my case, using firefox, it is a problem that occurs off and
on but that doesn't occur nearly every time I load a page. I believe
I've seen the same problem when using Google, though I don't use
google much.

I haven't tested to see if the problem exists in other screen-readers.
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I generally use ctrl + F6 keystroke to focus on webpage contents after
typing in an address, etc. - think this works in both IE11 and firefox.

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On 2016-05-01 9:08 PM, Nevzat Adil wrote:
Hello all,
I encounter an issue when trying to get on to the Internet which I am
not sure whether it is n NVDA issue or something else.
For instance, when I try to get to my home page, google, the page does
not seem to load and read by NVDA unless I press tab. It is only then
that NVDA begins reading the page. The same issue occurs when trying
to get onto other pages, as well.
My operating system is Windows 10 64 bit. NVDA is the most recent.
I would appreciate your comments.

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