Re: How to not start NVDA at login?

Tony Malykh

Thank you all for help. A sighted person managed to boot into recovery console and delete the file from there.


On 2/2/2018 1:11 AM, Chris wrote:

If nvda runs on the login screen then you can bring up the nvda menu and change the way nvda starts or in your case not at all to get into windows

After the required changes save the settings and restart, then you should be good to go



From: Tony Malykh
Sent: 02 February 2018 04:31
Subject: [nvda] How to not start NVDA at login?


Hi all,

I somehow broke my NVDA by writing a buggy addon and now NVDA doesn’t work. Moreover it somehow prevents the other screenreaders (jaws, narrator) from running. To make things even worse, the keyboard doesn’t seem to be working - otherwise I would’ve opened a command line terminal and typed up the command to erase the file in appdata\roaming\NVDA\globalPlugins. Insert+Q doesn’t work either.


So my question is: Is there a way to not start NVDA at login time? Or at least make it not load the addons?


NVDA seems to be working fine at the login screen where I need to enter the password, but that is probably because it doesn’t load addons at this time. Once I log in, I hear the four tones NVDA start sound and right after that my keyboard is pretty much dead. I know it’s my fault, I wrote some buggy addon code, but now I really want to revive my computer.


Thank you






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