Re: A weird problem with NVDA

Debra Gardner


I'm a bit late answering your question, but nothing else seems to be affected except NVDA. System Access and Narrator work just fine over the same places. I may see though if I can do a system restore.

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Can you take the machine back to before the problem started at all?
I nearly always set up a restore point manually when I do any new install.

It definitely sounds like the missing dll issue we have seen before, but maybe its actually missing this time or changed in some way so it won't work even when registered.
What anti virus are you using, and are any other bits of software affected other than those which work with html?

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Subject: [nvda] A weird problem with NVDA

Hi: I'm new to this list so thought I'd throw out my problem for your consideration. As of a little over a week ago, NVDA stopped reading web pages-with any browser-; doesn't read context menus; start menus and taskbars; the bodies of emails-both received and written-; things in my control panel. It does read my desktop and system tray and folder lists. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it. I have done the thing suggested on the tutorials list to re-register the dl files. I am using windows 10 64-bit fall creator's edition. NVDA didn't have any problem with any updates. the only thing I installed recently was a dictionary program that turned out not to work with Windows 10. It just says :unknown" or is silent. I'm using a different screen reader to write this.Any suggestions?

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