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Thanks again for all of your time and effort for us NVDA users. Wi will miss your voice, but ever so glad that you are taking time away. Good luck in those other parts of your life.



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Important note: this will be my last post on this forum for a while, as I’m desperate to take a break from everything NVDA for a while (except for translations). Besides that:

If I understand her argument, your friend prefers the core functions of NVDA to be written in C++, and let others build things on top via Python and other languages. This is called “language binding”, and this is precisely how wxPython is written: C++ core with python bindings.

In case of NVDA, yes, the primary language in use is Python, but some parts (notably features that require speed) are written in C++. It is arranged that way because Python allows rapid development, but the cost, as she points out, is long-term viability in terms of maintenance.

As for upgrading to Python 3: we’re getting there. A crucial dependency has just been satisfied, so it’ll be matter of time before the upgrade can commence.

As for your friend: please have her email me with any questions, as well as have her CC info@... for further details. Or you can ask your friend to join nvda-devel mailing list.




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Subject: [nvda] Please explain this info I got about NVDA!


Hi all,

I was talking to a friend on Facebook. She is a programmer. This went over my head. We were talking about python and NVDA. I will put right below what she said, so you can comment on it, because this is so over my head! She really wants to get involved with the NVDA project.

Here is what she said.

I am a fan of Python as a primary language for a system.  Something like NVDA should have a C++ core with language-of-choice wrappers.  Python is having trouble evolving without completely changing the language, which leaves the risk of building a future of dead, legacy libraries quite high.  It reminds me of what happened to FORTRAN.  Moreover, Python is joy well suited to continually running, closed loops services like NVDA would be.

that said, upgrading to Python 3 is a helpful step that MUST be done.  It is unfortunate that Python was the initial language of choice because this will have to be done again in the coming years.  By the time all is said and done, Python will end up looking looking like "JavaScript without curly braces", which implies the question, "why not have just adopted JavaScriptNode.js in the first place?"

Please explain all of this, and I hope it makes sense to you what she is saying.

She is really interested in NVDA being a programmer herself.

David Moore

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