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Another way might be to remove NVDA, install a previous next snapshot, then update.
Technical: someone is working on letting you postpone NVDA updates once downloaded. Apparently this is causing issues like this, so the developer who's working on this comments that it'll take a while for this feature to settle.
An important reminder: this is one of the reasons why I always warn you NOT to install next snapshots unless you are really adventurous or you have to, as next snapshots are alpha-level code. Master, fine, because it includes features tested by alpha testers for a while. If you do use next snapshots, you should do it if you want to report early problems. You may get an impression that next snapshots are stable, and that's likely because the code that gets tested go through a review process to make sure it is stable for everyone.
In case of future next snapshots: there will come a time (as early as next week) that you'll get a chance to learn why I warned you about next snapshots. The snapshot has to do with a crucial subsystem that is required to upgrade to Python 3, a subsystem I've been working on for the last few months. For some, you can ignore this, but if you start seeing errors with add-ons, that's because these add-ons were not updated to support newer wxPython version. And that's just a start: once we start upgrading to Python 3, you'll encounter more errors early. For those who believe that next snapshots are stable, I'm really sorry to say that it is just an illusion, hence my warning and the "real" reason why it may seem stable.

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I tried to install the next snapshop over a previous snapshot and it failed.

On 2/2/2018 2:46 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:
The workaround is to get an earlier version of next snapshot, install
that one, and update.

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Be aware that if you are running next as a portable it either
downloads and won't run, or if run it creates another instance
unmodified in a new folder or just hangs up windows when you run it.
Windows 7.
So I'd steer clear till they fix it.
I just had to shut the machine down with the power button after
trying to manually run the update exe file today.


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