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No its not just you. It sounds a bit like its gating on and off during the spoken words. I did a test against my long in the tooth sapi 4 version which has open access, and that does not suffer the same way. How is it implemented in other screenreaders, ie do they have their own bespoke engine or are they, too using sapi 5?

It is indeed odd when one considers that many other voices manage very well.


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I recently bought this add on and the Vocalizer voices work well. However, when I am trying to use the Eloquence voice I hear a very annoying crackling or popping noise. Multiple people have heard the crackling noise so I know its not just my machine.


Greg WOcher

On 5/2/2016 4:21 AM, Pawel Urbanski wrote:
Have been using this add-on for 4 months. The libraries used are the
same as for other screen readers. NVDA's dictionary is rather good and
prenunciatin is also good.
I use Eloquence as my speech engine after switching from using JAWS.
NVDA is very responsive, has no lags and works more than well.

On 5/2/16, Isaac <bigikemusic@...> wrote:
Hi, anyone recommend this addon, is the vocalizer as good as the other
vocalizer, and is codefactory offering a sapi of just eloquence or vocalizer
as well.

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