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The user would select the sound for the specific punctuation.  There wouldn't be preassigned sounds.

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I'm sure you were aware that there was a now dead comedian who made a lot of
money with his monologues where he substituted sounds for Punctuation!
Victor Borge'

Now my one problem with having a mode like this is, given the number of
different marks and their meaning in different circumstances in different
languages, it could need one heck of a  lot of individual sounds to cover
them all. I do know what you are getting at different sorts of brackets and
colons etc, are main candidates, with underscores being also useful.

Maybe this is add on territory ie a programmers version as most of us prefer
not to hear these greater thans etc all over the place, but obviously such
things are important in programming as are brackets and indents etc.

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Subject: [nvda] Substitute punctuation marks with sounds

> Hello all,
> Is there a way to substitute punctuation marks with custom sounds? I am a
> developer and often times I have to listen to tongue twisters of
> punctuation marks, like "left bracket right brace left paren ..." I wish
> to replace all these parens and brackets with sounds. Is there a way to do
> so in NVDA?
> Thanks
> Tony

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