Re: Here's a new accessible IRC client for windows.

JM Casey <crystallogic@...>


When you say “IRC programme”, are you talking about the iRC protocol itself, or a client for Windows? I have used MIRC on Windows since the late 90s, and ran IRCII through a linux shell before that. Never had any accessibility issues, except when trying to run third-party scripts, like server scripts for filesharing and the like.




From: [] On Behalf Of Robert Kingett
Sent: February 3, 2018 9:22 AM
Subject: [nvda] Here's a new accessible IRC client for windows.


A blind developer is working on, I guess you could say? A fork of the existing IRC program but the developer of the IRC program, the original one, is already working on making accessibility much better. So the fork won't update much until the new accessible version comes out. The fork will utilize the new accessible version much better. but if any of you developers want to take a look at it the git page is below.

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