Re: odd and random out of character announcements


Further announcements such as:


When alt tabbing I get a mention like close task switching and its gone when releasing the key combo..


Also when I was up arrowing in file exploer got a firefox open menu announcement. But I don’t see a list. Do have Firefox running with two websites  .e.g Facebook and Sendspace.


Also whilst writing this email got announcement

Side by side toolbar, narvigation menu….






From: [] On Behalf Of Craig
Sent: Sunday, 4 February 2018 11:07 AM
Subject: [nvda] odd and random out of character announcements




Using win10pro 1709 Build 16299.192 and NVDA version 2017.4



When I arrow up or down in outlook 2016 messages at random I hear things like minimise the window or  alt something to do something…. As if a stretch out menu like when you press the alt key and get the menu restore, minimise, maximise etc…. Also when I got to the top of my messages I hear desktop.


When typing in this email I keep hearing at odd time forms region,  and  desktop, and clear tabs or something like that.


I reloaded nvda to no avail. Maximised and restored windows to no avail.


However I noticed that this started today and not sure when I had upgraded to build 16299.192 which may have a bearing but couldn’t be certain.



Any help sa to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.






Cheers Craig


Craig& his Guide dog Winnie



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