Re: Survey: NVDACon Non Visual Desktop Access Users and Developers Conference for South Asia

Bhavya shah

Hi Shaun,
For that, NVDA user communities in Australia and New Zealand will need
to proactively engage in attending and learning organisation of such
conferences, and either a physical gathering or an online event could
be organized. Regional and language communities need to take charge of
their respective audiences.

On 5/2/16, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:
To be honest though I realise its not possible I'd like a conference
held in new zealand or close to my country australia maybe.
While there is this online one my only hate if you will is that while I
do like the archives and such due to timezone I always then have to
catch up and then end up skipping things.
Today was supposed to be archive day but due to the fact I had some work
to do it just never happened.
I am not sure if I would actually attend one live or not but it would be
good to get one that was not sounding digital.

On 2/05/2016 8:37 p.m., Bhavya shah wrote:
Dear all,
The below integrated survey seeks to determine the amount of interest
in introducing a version of the NVDACon International Users and
Developers Conferences and regional NVDACons which are currently held
in places such as United States of America, Japan, Korea etc. For South
Asian regions. Created originally by a fellow NVDA enthusiast (a friend
of mine too), and I myself being a passionate NVDA enthusiast, would
like to sincerely request all of you to fill this form carefully and
spread the word about it to other NVDA users in South Asia, preferably
online at

or by filling the fields and sending it to me privately at
Sincerely looking forward to receiving many responses!

NVDA, having been founded in the year 2006 by a fascinated Australian
blind programmer named Michael Curren, is now officialy ten years old
today. As NVDA communities across the world celebrate this massive
screen reading milestone, inspired from NVDACon International 2016
Users and Developers Conference 10th Anniversary edition, a group of
people who are avid NVDA users, supporters and enthusiasts from India
and Pakistan are willing to organize an NVDA conference for South Asia,
where users, developers and even those simply interested in NVDA are
given an opportunity to network with fellow NVDA residents, and share,
discuss, learn more about and shape the future of NVDA. This survey has
been authored by these NVDA loyallists and seeks to understand and
ascertain the amount of interest in South Asian countries (like India,
Pakistan etc.) in an NVDACon South Asia. We sincerely hope that you may
take out a few minutes of your invaluable time in filling this survey
questionairre carefully, to bring NVDACon South Asia to life.

I've invited you to fill out the form NVDACon Non Visual Desktop Access
screen reader Users and Developers Conference for South Asian regions.
To fill it out, visit:

Warm Regards
Bhavya Shah
Using NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access) free and open source screen
reader for Microsoft Windows
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