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John Isige


Why would NVDA need to constantly know the contents of the clipboard? I
haven't been following this discussion, but NVDA has to know selected
text, yes? So all it needs to do is compare the selected text to the
clipboard after a copy operation. Otherwise, it doesn't need to care
about the clipboard at all.

On 2/4/2018 19:52, Gene wrote:
I'm saying that I know that JAWS and System access detected the
operation correctly.  I've tested it when there was nothing on the
clipboard and I got no indication that anything had occurred.  I don't
remember now if there was silence or some sort of message such as
nothing to copy.  That wasn't the phrase, if one was used.
I also tested with System Access and again, I wasn't told that copying
or pasting had occurred when there was nothing to copy or paste.
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Can I just clarify what I said please - there is a difference between
detecting that a user has pressed control+c and assuming (perhaps even
by knowing we are in Word and there was text selected) that text has
been copied, and actually knowing that the contents of the clipboard
have changed, and how.  If done intelligently, then yes the first way
may be right most of the time and for the majority of users that may
be accurate enough.  If everything works, then yes, from a user's
perspective, it doesn't overly matter how the information was
ascertained, we just weren't comfortable reporting something that we
couldn't ascertain.

The other issue may be that ascertaining that information definitively
could come with a performance cost.  NVDA would need to constantly
know the state of the clipboard in order to know, when the user
presses CONTROL+C, whether the contents of the clipboard have changed.

Again, I'm not saying it can't change, or even disagreeing with the
argument for change, just presenting the original thinking and how we
got to where we are now.

Kind regards


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I never had the JAWS copy and paste command not work except
perhaps very rarely when I had to restart the screen-reader to
cause it to work again.  But that means nothing about the
function.  At times, you have to restart programs because some
problem develops that is solved in that way.
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I used Jaws for years on XP and W7 and the cut/copy/paste  feature
never worked consistently.  The clipspeak add-on at least tells
you the keystroke you have pressed even if it may or may not have
worked and is less verbose than switching on the speak command
keys feature of NVDA.  I use clipspeak add-on and the only thing
that bugs me about it is that it says “Re-Do” when I use control+y
in MS Outlook and W10 Mail to display the folder list.



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It is important to consider doing so.  And as far as not being
able to detect this before, I don't know why. JAWS has done so at
least as far back as XP and probably much longer.  System Access
does this as well and has done so for years.

This is an important feature and shouldn't be relegated to an add on.


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The reason it isn't built in is precisely what you just said -
when it was first being looked at, we couldn't actually know
whether text had been cut, copied or pasted etc.  All we could do
was detect that control+c had been pressed and know that is
GENERALLY used for copy.  We didn't want to tell the user
something had been copied when it hadn't, so instead there is the
"Speak command keys" option (NVDA+4 or via the NVDA keyboard
preferences NVDA+control+k) which will read CONTROL+C in that

The SpeakClip add-on does read the command - cut, copy, paste,
select all etc.  It does make an effort to report this
intelligently.  I recall a conversation with someone recently who
said it is now more possible to accurately tell what has happened
(text has been cut, a file has been copied, etc).  If that is the
case, then it potentially could be considered to be built in.

Kind regards


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Been here before. There is a fake clipboard announcement add on
but its not intelligent in that its really just reading the key
combinations. There was an intelligent one being developed but it
was slow and prone to malfunctions and creating memory errors in
Microsoft Word so I uninstalled it.
I have always said it should be designed in as a novice mode bit
of help, but at the time I think it was thought too hard to make
it take into account all the instances and get the indication correct.
This is one to bring up again on the add ons list I'd imagine.

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How can I set NVDA to say copy selected text to the clip board and
other like commands when I copy, cut or paste!

E-mail is golden!!!
Kevin Lee


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