Re: Special characters in NVDA

Giles Turnbull

I use the num pad method very frequently. Even though I live in the UK I am used to the US keyboard layout so symbols like the pound sign £ are not above the number keys. I turn num lock on and hold the ALT key while presing (each in order) 0163 to get the £. If I have num lock turned off it produces the ú symbol (which NVDA tells me is u with acute). I often want to use an em-dash in my blog posts so use the ALT+0151 to get — and the slightly shorter en-dash is 0150. Both of those dashes aren't spoken by NVDA by defult so I've added the symbols into the defult dictionary so NVDA does say "em-dash" when I've inserted the — symbol.

Doing a search for symbol ALT codes turns up many results where yu can find all kinds of symbols with their respective ALT+num pad combinations.

You'll no doubt forget ones you've looked up and rarely use but the ones you use frequenly, like the pound symbol for me, you'll type without thinking about it ... which is much faster than copying and pasting from a list you've created or from the Windows Character Mapper (which you can access by pressing the Win key and letter r, followed by typing charmap into the run dialog box that opens up).

Hope that helps :)


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