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If you have trouble finding something, and even if you don't, doing a Google search is often the easiest way to find something.  Search for ninite portable.  In the results, check the address under the link to the page to check if the link is legitimate.  In this case, use the link that leads to a page on the developers site.  For other programs, you may get a link to old apps or portable apps.  I think both sites are com.  You may see other links and not those.  In that case, ask on a good list if the sites are reputable or look up the sites on google.  You can search for something like is X site reliable or is x site safe or x sitename review.

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No, CCleaner doesn't appear to me on Ninite.  I don't know how to find a portable version. When I check for CCleaner on the site it takes me to for updating, I just get a few choices and there isn't any portable or slim version offered there. 


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Can you get it off ninite?


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Subject: [nvda] important to read before installing CCleaner


I didn't keep the messages in the current CCleaner thread but I thought I should raise this very important point.

CCleaner, as do so many free programs now comes bundled with one or more programs you probably don't want. Some of these programs cause people problems as well.


Don't download and install the regular version of CCleaner.  Use either the portable version or the version that is called something like the slim version. 



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