Re: my pc works properly but NVDA IS NOT WORKINF FINE IN WINDOWS10


Well optimising your ssd is supposed to shorten its life.

I have not noticed dammage while cleaning things to anything but google some of the chrome extentions can get dammaged.

I clear my restores every 6 months.

You shouldn't need to clean things every month.

I run ccleaner each session and at the end of the day to clear any potential nastys out of my temp locations.

I get a lot of malware in my temp locations which I don't care much if someone gets in there as I am always clearing that out of my temp locations.

As for disk cleanup every 6 munths or so.

Most of it is small fry, temp locations, and a few other things.

The biggest waste of space are old windows updates and logs.

If you ever clear windows defender its going to say your system is not secure and prompt you to scan till you do because its got nothing to show its been activated or anything so I don't clear this.

As for restore points, I clear points every so often,  I do clear all points before a major windows update and make another.

What I wish was for ms to clear all recovery partitons which were not the current windows update, yeah I know I can do this via partid but I'd like a guid thing or an automated things to clear out well partitions and resize things accordingly which are not manufacturer or the latest windows upgrade partition.

To be honest I don't know why ms doesn't do it itself when upgrading why leave a lot of non functional 500mb partitions at all.

On 6/02/2018 1:07 a.m., Moty Azrad wrote:
Dear all,

I have windows10 home edition 64 bits.

Jaws 2018 works very well.

Nvda, 2017.4 or any snapshot, don't work properly.

My question:

Every month, I am doing disk cleanup and use the file system cleaning too.

I delete it and make after that defrag or optimize my SSD C: drive.

can NVDA be damaged with this action I'm doing monthly?

Again, Jaws is not damaged and works very well but NVDA, does not work
properly with some programs as: firefox, google chrome, ms outlook 2010 Etc.

I use to delete my restore points and create manually one.

Thanks for any explanation or help for my isuue with NVDA.


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