Advice for using the dictionary in CodeFactory

Chris Shook <chris0309@...>

I thought I'd post this in case it might help someone.
When changing words in Vocalizer Expressive or Eloquence for CodeFactory, it would be best to use the speach dictionary built into NVDA as apposed to the dictionary CodeFactory provides.
The reason for this is two fold.
1. If you need to remove the addon for anyreason, you will lose any words you have added to CodeFactory's dictionary. You can export a copy, but if you make the changes in NVDA's speach dictionary, you don't have to worry.
2. CodeFactory's dictionary does not change the plural of the word only the singular.
For example, if you have read the Harry Potter books, the vocalizer UK voices pronounce Weasley as Weesly and the plural as Wealyes. If you correct this using CodeFactories dictionary, it will only correct the singular pronunciation not the plural. However, if you correct the word using NVDA's speach dictionary it adjusts the singular and the plural.
I hope this helps someone.

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