Re: important to read before installing CCleaner


Well the reason there is so much add ware is that a lot of stuff is free but aint really.

Some stuff is subscription based, some stuff you need to buy.

It will not totally solve the malware issue but if someone is loading loads of adds and stuff in their programs, chances are that they actually do need your cash so if you can I would try to support said dev rather than leach from them.

This may or may not get you out of all the malware, on the other hand you may just get a little more and they may even be happy to talk to you over email.

I have had to buy a few programs to avoid malware, some opensource stuff is full of malware and adds.

The thing is that resources and dev programs are not cheap.

Developers if they can try to keep their stuff free, but they need addware to keep it so and only do it for convenience.

I doubt that anyone actually uses adds for proffit, they don't get them that much but enough.

So if you can afford it grab it.

I do this for 1 offs.

I am not a subscription kind of guy though.

Its a shame adds can't be customised to things we could get in our local countries and then down to what we would hear and read normally in tvĀ  the radio and news paper.

If all the adds that appeared on my system were like this it wouldn't be a problem because I am exposed to these and more on the radio and tv.

The issue is that most adds are for you to get drugs or something or well dodgy programs to fix issues that don't exist and more scams.

I think if we can smarten up the add industry all the spyware issue at least some of it will not be as bad.

On 6/02/2018 8:56 p.m., wayne wrote:
Gene has some good precortionary information about installing c cleaner. I would like to add a little more to this information. Many of these free programs, whether they be slim versions, light versions, or portable,in recent times are coming loaded with mal ware. This wasn't always the case and there may be still some that are free of malware but now this depends on how the programmer compiles the installer.Here's what you can do, use an unzipping program, I like 7 zip, try to unzip the installer of the program that you want to install. If that works out, you'll have a folder with all the files including the main executable. Most of the time you could just run the program, there won't be any malware to worry about because you didn't use the installer to install the program.When you run the program this way, in most cases it will create a settings/data folder for it's operation, letting you know about the folder that there's nothing to worry about. In fact it could be a good thing if there's setting files such as i n i files that you might want to edit.I don't want to get to far a field, but I want to say something else. Just this last week, Roger was having problem with cdex to run in windows 10. Well it was either that day or the next day, I did a little looking around and found the latest version of cdex, it is v1.99, at the time had been out less than 24 hours. I donloded both versions, the main and portable versions, and both versions are loaded with malware, however if you can't uncheck the box of which there's 2 or 3, if you can't uncheck them using your screen reader, The good news is you could just unzip this one and run it. It runs very fast and smooth, under the very latest windows 10 64 bit. When you first run it, it will create that settings/data folder, and the great news is that you can edit the i n i files to your liking.This is very good if your main drive is ssd and you want your music folder to be on the drive, that's not your main drive. The only other thing I think and Roger has probably checked this is, is to go in the settings and make sure the burner you want to rip from is the one that is selected. If not selected, go ahead and select it.In closing if I can help in any way with any of this. Just let us know. If anyone wants it, I can zip up my copy and put it up on sendspace. Thanks for reading and happy safe computing.

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