Blown away by the NVDA/MS Word tutorial!

Ann Byrne

As a computer instructor, I have spent years looking for the best tutorial for MS Word. Hoping to get Ms certification in Word, I have spent years looking for the best tutorial in MS Word. Recently I purchased from the NVDA store the Word tutorial. It cost $23. I have paid up to $100 for other instruction books.

this one is by far the best. It includes operations I had wondered about, and some I had never heard of. I discovered little pieces of information I had always wondered about--like what is mirroring in the print dialog--and how to accomplish tasks I hadn't even thought about. The language is terse and to the point, leaving me sometimes to wish for a little hand holding; but reviewing the instructions always produces enough information to make my way through to success. I am totally blown away by the excellence and the incluusiveness of this document.

Cudos! Awesome! Wow!


p.s. My favorite program of all times is Excel. I am on my way to the store for the Excel tutorial. It should be a total blast!

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