NVDA Next Snapshot And An Extra Sound

inamuddinInam Uddin

Dear friends, as I have stated that whenever I start NVDA, just before the dialogue of task bar, it gives me an extra sound.

I just wonder what is the indication of this sound?

The matter of fact is that since 2010 when I started to learn computer, I have been using JAWS.

Since launch of latest tutorial of Joseph Lee, I have become the fan of NVDA.

Secondly my Lisence of JAWS 2018 will expire in October this year and then I will not be able to have another JAWS lisence because of financial reasons, therefore I have time from now to October to learn and adopt the habit of switching over from JAWS to NVDA.

Because I’m new to NVDA, that’s why this extra sound disturbs me a lot.

The reason is so simple that is my mind is a kind of mind when a question is created, I never get rest until the answer of that question is given to it.

I therefore hope that my question will be dealt with swiftly!

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