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Do you have mail from today on the list?  Instructions were sent to perform the operation that will very likely solve your problem.  This is very likely an unregistered dll problem and you probably uninstalled a program that unregistered them.  Uninstalling programs in the Microsoft Word suite unregisters them, at least uninstalling Word does.  I don't recall the other programs being discussed.  As I said earlier, this is such a frequent problem that the tools menu ought to have a utility for reregistering the dlls and information about the problem should be in the user guide and in all general NVDA tutorials.

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Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2018 9:34 PM
Subject: [nvda] At a loss

Well, I've done all I know-except a system restore  which I'm having trouble with  and also think it won't go back far enough-and I'm out of ideas.  NVDA still says unknown at most things  and is silent on web pages and context menus.  I hate the idea of the very last resort of the advanced recovery of Windows 10 where it would reinstall itself  because of having to reinstall everything.  My other screen readers have no problem, it's only NVDA.

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