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Maybe the windows 7 box is running slower hardware?
I also find the esr the only viable option on windows 7 but for other reasons than speed. Mostly the problems with the download dialogue being buggy to read and the lack of the ability to load in sounds for firefox any more. I'm hoping that by June Firefox will have sorted out a lot of their issues again, though I have to say, I'm not holding my breath. Since there are still other browsers out there based on the older version of Firefox code then I'm not too worried about being on the cutting edge as that is always going to have its issues.

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Hello I am new here but love the screen reader and do have a windows 10 system and a windows7 box. The question am wondering about is I downloaded the latest version of fire fox it works really well on windows 10 but when I try to use it on my windows 7 box it is quite sluggish why is that, I know it is quite big so that is why on that machine am running the extended support version and that version is not as big as version 58.0 and it runs really nice on that machine and NVDA has no problem. Can some one tell me why are those situations so different? I have been using NVDA since think 2012 it has come a long way. I like the hard work that has been put in to this and hope it continues. I do use Jaws, but NVDA is better since you don't have to deal with authorization numbers and how menny activation
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