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No mailing lists that I know of but there are several fields that use
Transcriptionists as in medical, legal, etc. There are some
requirements to be met before one can call oneself a transcriptionist
though. I went to a trade school to learn how to do medical
transcription. If you ask me nowadays if it was worth it my answer
would have to be no. I came into transcription after most of the
available work began to be outsourced to India hence there was very
little opportunity available. the school finally placed me with a
transcription company in California I live in Florida, and I made less
than $3000 in the five years I spen working as a medical
transcriptionist. Yes, it was that bad. From my experience I would
recommend if that's what you want to do, to seek your own clients
locally and realize that they most likely already have a
transcriptionist or a service and that you may have to underbid to get
any work plus prove yourself better and faster than the competition.
The training is a must as you won't be able to compete without it. One
more thing I need to let you know about. Most big transcription
companies use specific programs for you to pick up your work and
return it and most of these programs are less than accessible from
what I've heard. This is another reason to seek your own clients
locally. The most successful medical transcriptionist I know either
built up their own local clients over a period of time or they were in
the business before the outsourcing of work to India began.

Good luck,


On 2/7/18, Matt Turner <meturner2214@...> wrote:
Hi folks.

Subject says it all.

Triing to find something to do for working from home.

Are there any blind mailing-list for this kind of thing?

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