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If they haven't updated it in over two years, I wouldn't count on updates in future.  I think its unconscionable to release a product with an obvious defect, I heard it almost right awayWhen I tried the demo, and not correct it in a reasonable time. 
There is a SAPI 5 version of Eloquence that works properly.  I don't recall who makes it but other list members can tell you more about it.

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I think this is some kind of artefacting with the Eloquence voice. Others have reported the same thing. Nothing to be done at the moment, I suppose, other than try a different synth.




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Hi All,


Has code factory updated their voices since 2015? I have version 1.1.0.


The issue I have is that when using eloquence, I hear a crackle in the voice every so often and its really annoying.  The eloquence voice in Jaws, is super clear.


Any ideas? Thanks for any help in advance.





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