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We'll see if this is a general behavior.  I don't recall ever seeng this problem reading mail with an e-mail program.  Are you reading messages with an e-mail client or on line?
Here is a fictitious test address or two. 

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Sent: Friday, February 09, 2018 1:41 AM
Subject: [nvda] When posts contain email addresses

Hi all,

when people say we can email them by email and give the email address, why does the forum system cut everything after the @ symbol out?

For example, in Quentin's reply to Ryan Cho's question about Kindle on Windows, it says:

‘If they can recreate the issue and then get a copy of the log to send us that might help shed light on what is happening - they (or you) can email it to me at info@... and I'll have a look.’

So the email address doesn't appear in the post, nor when I right lick on it and select ‘copy email address’ does it copy the email address, only info@...

Is this something in my forum preferences, or should I spell out email addresses like nvda.user at gmail dot com?

Since this isn't related to the Kindle post I've posted it as a new thread, but this is the link to the Kindle topic in case needed:

thanks :)


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