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I'll forward this question to the Liblouis list. In the meantime, depending on how the tables are set up, you need to modify the interface language alone (the one NVDA will look for) or one of the component tables (the one the interface language will pick up in the "include" statement).

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Hello, list!

We need to extend the Norwegian 8 dot braille table used with NVDA. When working with that, I tried to rename some liblouis braill tables to the default 8 dot braille table which are used today, namely no-no-comp8.ctb, found in louis\tables.

I tried to rename no-no-generic.ctb, and that works.

When I renamed other tables, like no-no-8dot.utb or no-no-8dot-fallback-6dot-g0.utb into no-no-comp8.ctb, the braille display became blank.

I can see that the table files that works, has no include statement whereas the table files that don't, has statements like

include no-no-comp8.ctb

Can someone please explain if it's the include statement that is the problem, or if it's other factors that prevents the other tables to work?

Thanks and regards, Lars

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