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I read mail as plain text.  The addresses aren't links for that reason but the full address is displayed. 

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Those work in html on outlook express. I think maybe it has something to do
with the way its being viewed in that case.

However it does still stand that its often easier to use the links if the
quotes are not too long. Brian

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We'll see if this is a general behavior.  I don't recall ever seeng this
problem reading mail with an e-mail program.  Are you reading messages with
an e-mail client or on line?

Here is a fictitious test address or two.
Bob@...  info@...

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From: Giles Turnbull
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2018 1:41 AM
Subject: [nvda] When posts contain email addresses

Hi all,

when people say we can email them by email and give the email address, why
does the forum system cut everything after the @ symbol out?

For example, in Quentin's reply to Ryan Cho's question about Kindle on
Windows, it says:

‘If they can recreate the issue and then get a copy of the log to send us
that might help shed light on what is happening - they (or you) can email it
to me at info@... and I'll have a look.’

So the email address doesn't appear in the post, nor when I right lick on it
and select ‘copy email address’ does it copy the email address, only

Is this something in my forum preferences, or should I spell out email
addresses like nvda.user at gmail dot com?

Since this isn't related to the Kindle post I've posted it as a new thread,
but this is the link to the Kindle topic in case needed:

thanks :)


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