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Marten Post Uiterweer

I don't know how it works with NVDA, but you can also look at an alternative like Process explorer from Sysinternals and Sysinternals is from Microsoft.
Process explorer can replace the taskmanager and is much fastr but as I said: don't know how it works with NVDA.

Something you have to know:
In a 64 bit windows it is advised to use the 64bit version of process explorer. In the menu there is an option to replace taskmanager. When you press ctrl-shift-esc, it will open process explorer.
There is no option to undo this action.
When you start the 32bit version of process explorer you can uncheck the replace taskmanager option.
Regards, Marten

On Fri, 9 Feb 2018 23:59:26 +0100 "P. Otter" <pam.otter@...> wrote:
thanks man!
i'm happy again!
paul otter

Op 9-2-2018 om 15:46 schreef Felix G.:
Hi Paul,
Task Manager is a bit slow on Windows 10 due to the way it implements UIA. Make sure you got the Windows 10 Essentials add-on installed, and after opening Task Manager, give it some time to fully establish communication with NVDA. For me, anything up to a minute or even slightly more is unfortunately normal.

P. Otter <pam.otter@...> schrieb am Fr., 9. Feb. 2018 um 13:13 Uhr:
hello, a long, long time ago, it was possible for me to use the taskmanager.
so it was possible to stop a programm to run.
now, i've problems with my skype, i've updated it to 7.40 but there is
something wrong in this version.
i'm using windows 10 (newest version) and nvda2017.4
from the moment i'm running 7.40 of skype, and someone is calling me, i
hear skype ringing, that is as usual.
but when i accepted the call, skype keeps ringing, also when i've ended
the call, skype keeps ringing until i've stoped skype in the taskmanager
or i've reboot my computer.
what i wrote before, it was a long time ago possible to use the
taskmager but now i only hear list, list, list.
there is nothing i can do else than reboot my computer.
that is very annoing
is there a possibillity to use the taskmanager again or ofcaurse a
solution to use skype without false ringing problems?
i have 64 bit windows 10 running.
thank you in advance for your answer
paul otter

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