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It sounds like its not seeing the clickable status to me. That has to be the browser I'd have thought.
If you get on the item and use insert numpad enter does that work?

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Hello. I did download the latest version of chrome and I have both browsers on a windows 7 and a windows 10 machine. When I am on a website a radio station one that has a clickable graphic to click on to listen to when I press enter on it for some reason either nvda or google chrome I guess does not see it. When I am using fire fox and I go to the same website and click on the clickable graphic to listen to the radio station no problem the stations plays in the browser and another window pops up. I was wondering why is this happening cause in the previous version when using google chrome nvda and chrome were getting along well and I can listen to the stations in chrome, what has changed between chrome and fire fox? Can some one explain to me what is going on here and are there any work around in dealing with this? Thank you.
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