Re: code factory voices


You know what really gets my goat though.

We have a perfectly decently cracked version which is good.

Maybe to combat this they decide to well put out a payed version.

But when your legal version is not as good you have an issue, but obviously they don't, good luck to me buying their stuff though.

Maybe I will get vocaliser and their packages via atguys thats only because inoetics are no more with their stuff, and well there is acapella, it costs a bit more.

Tempted to get infovox but then I  am uncertain.

Vocaliser which I do use from time to time in old realspeak form has served me well.

On 9/02/2018 7:20 p.m., Vlad Dragomir wrote:
Hi all,

I'd like to join you all in being disappointed. I bought this addon exactly because it offered Eloquence, and I ended up using Vocalizer all the time because of this. Moreover, no updates, no improvements whatsoever for three years, they seem to be no different from Tiflotecnia. It seems to be so tempting to put a half-baked product online and than sit down and see money poor in.

I know it's useless to complain like this, so let's cheer up and hope for a change, miracles happen sometimes!

Best regards,


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