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There is a SAPI 5 version of Eloquence you can try.  I haven't used it in Windows 10.  I've heard contradictory things about whether it is responsive in Windows 10.  It works properly aside from the contradictory things I've heard about responsiveness.  I tried it in XP and it doesn't have any of the artifacts the add on has with Eloquence. 
You aren't limited to the two choices you are describing.

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You know what really gets my goat though.

We have a perfectly decently cracked version which is good.

Maybe to combat this they decide to well put out a payed version.

But when your legal version is not as good you have an issue, but
obviously they don't, good luck to me buying their stuff though.

Maybe I will get vocaliser and their packages via atguys thats only
because inoetics are no more with their stuff, and well there is
acapella, it costs a bit more.

Tempted to get infovox but then I  am uncertain.

Vocaliser which I do use from time to time in old realspeak form has
served me well.

On 9/02/2018 7:20 p.m., Vlad Dragomir wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to join you all in being disappointed. I bought this addon
> exactly because it offered Eloquence, and I ended up using Vocalizer
> all the time because of this. Moreover, no updates, no improvements
> whatsoever for three years, they seem to be no different from
> Tiflotecnia. It seems to be so tempting to put a half-baked product
> online and than sit down and see money poor in.
> I know it's useless to complain like this, so let's cheer up and hope
> for a change, miracles happen sometimes!
> Best regards,
> Vlad.

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