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I fully support your view on this. As NVDA largely supports those of us who
are blind or visually impaired, The your audio version makes the Tutorial in
MP3 available to the widest user profile. I can't imagine the time you put
into the production. I hope that others know that you didn't just sit down
and start recording off the top of your head. The material is far too well
organized and your examples to well selected and described to not have taken
you untold hours of pre-production.
A text version would allow one to cut and paste a personal set of reminders,
but in no way, should that fall on you. I can also understand that you would
not be comfortable with less than an exact accurate copy of your work.
Though you did not copyright the Tutorial, which you might have elected to
do. Nor did you offer to sell it, though I, for one, would have gladly paid.

I suggest to this group that volunteers could use this forum to create a
free transcription Service, divide up the tutorial with each person taking
on sections to produce in a common text format. Others might serve as an
editorial board to proof and finalize the text version to be submitted to
you for approval.

When I was a grad student, I barely had time to keep up with my studies. I
would never had time to do what you do for NVDA and for this list.


Dr. Rick Ely
TVI, Vision Consultant
451 Rocky Hill Road
Florence, MA 01062
&413() 727-3038

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The user guide is the text version at the moment, and no, I won't be able to
transcribe the tutorial set on my own. There is an additional, important
condition to be met: the community must demand it. I want to see the
community wanting this; I want to see the community REALLY wanting this to
happen; I want to see the community rise up to do it; I want to get a firm
promise from the community that they'll take care of this with highest of
standards. Yes, I'm setting the bar really high on this for a number of
1. Initiated and driven by the community: the era where you can just rely on
one person to do all sorts of things is coming to a close. In fact, we
should have left that era a long time ago. I believe that one way to move
forward is to let the community take care of itself when it is time to do so
(after being nurtured by leaders), hence my condition above regarding text
transcripts. I do know that the community can go above and beyond what I did
and can produce higher quality tutorials (complete with text transcripts),
hence the high quality requirement; but it won't work if the community
doesn't rise up to do this and other huge projects on its own.
2. Passing the torch to the next group of leaders: as noted a few weeks ago,
my active time with the community is slowly coming to a close. I believe
this is a great opportunity to find and teach the next group of leaders, and
one way to do so is giving them something to practice their skills, and
leading a huge project from start to finish is a good exercise. This is one
of the reasons why I don't involve myself a lot with NVDACon planning
recently, because I do know that current organizers can do a much better job
at organizing this gathering. Same could be set about transcriptions:
although some guidance is needed in the beginning, I believe that the
community is more than ready to tackle this from start to finish: producing
a high quality text transcription of the tutorial set.
3. Personal: I carry out some important community duties on top of being a
student and a speech and debate competitor (with trophies under my belt,
including several first place finishes and being qualified to go to national
tournaments). If you thought I am just an NVDA Expert because I can answer
questions with detailed guesses at midnight or seem to possess encyclopedic
knowledge about NVDA source code, I'd like you to sincerely think again,
taking into consideration who I really am: a student volunteer. Given that
academics takes highest of highest of priorities, I dare not go through
another project that'll drain me (this is the biggest regret I have about
producing the audio tutorial set when I should have been taking breaks).
To be blunt (sorry for coming across as too harsh): I usually don't say this
in public, but I believe it must be said before it is too late: an
accomplishment without a spark and a flame is nothing. That is, if you just
wish for things to happen without acting on it, it would have been better to
not wish it in the first place. One of the reasons why I felt burnt out from
this community (especially during tutorial set production) is people's
tendency to ask without acting on that wish, and a persistent attitude that
one must wait for a savior to give guidance without taking the initiative to
think progress and search for things on one's own. And I'm afraid that
either I have contributed to this problem, or that we are not heeding this
and similar criticisms. Thus, before we go any further (such as downloading
the book format one cannot read right now), I sincerely advise you to heed
this criticism for once, because without doing so, we won't see much
progress; I think it would be helpful for us (as a community) to assess what
we're doing, our attitudes, and what we need to do in the future, so that we
can be a much better community: a community where people can answer each
other with more confidence.
Hope this helps. I do know that my post may come across as harsh, and may
not have answered your questions. But I believe that there are more
important matters to think about, more important than text transcription of
Welcome to NVDA 2018 that'll have profound effect on this community and

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will a text version be created?
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What I fail to understand is, if you do not have access to software or a
device that supports Daisy format, why you would download the Daisy format
of the tutorial. It's like buying Vinyl records when you do not have a
turntable and only have a CD player. It's just stupid. The tutorial from
Joseph's site is in MP3 format and is great for media players. The Daisy
format is for people with "Daisy players. Period. Choose the format that
works best for your situation.


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Well if they are numbered fine I have actually resorted to my media player
to do the reading.

Ofcause due to structure daisy book files can be in little bits to.

On 10/02/2018 11:33 a.m., Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

I did find them as mp3 files. I don't have a device like the victor
stream or plex-talk to be able to jump from section to section.

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The audio recordings are in mp3 format, which may explain why this
isn't working.



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Hi, Joseph,

I'm not able to read the daisy format of the tutorial. Do you have to
have a special player or is this a word document?


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Subject: [nvda] Now available: DAISY version of Welcome to NVDA 2018

Hi everyone,

Thanks to AccessiDocs project from Pennsylvania Council of the Blind,
an audio DAISY version of Welcome to NVDA 2018 tutorial set is now

The DAISY book is a bit out of date, but for the most part, it is up
to date.

Also, a UK-based charity named BCAB has offered to distribute this
tutorial set on physical media for a fee.




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