Re: Cannot Start Outlook 2016 While NVDA Is Running

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Have you tried disabling the anti virus system?
I'm just trying to think of another approach. This does seem to be a very weird thing, as asking around the only Outlook related issues I hear about are crashes when moving to other folders sometimes, not failure to start at all.

I'm assuming this cannot be duplicated on anyone elses machine?

The error info you need is from Outlook Quite plainly as nvda being there is just minding its own business.
I'm beginning to wonder if you might have some strange hardware fault, maybe Ram chip related?

Are there any other funnies going on with software that you can see?
Also have you definitely proved your hard drive has no cross linked chains? This is very rare these days as the software in 10 seems to be able to repair those file issues quite well
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Dear All,

Apart from working my way around starting Outlook without the reader, I have
made no progress in figuring out what is the cause or solution for why my
Outlook crashes when trying to open while NVDA is running. Here is what has
been tried--all without success:

1. I don't know about logs, but the programmer who helped me said that the
NVDA log shows no problem when the event occurs.
2. We have restored Windows to two different restore points dated before I
noticed the problem.
3. We repaired Office through a long Internet connected repair process.


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