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However, one issue is that it may well be a symptom of a more serious problem. I'd feel very irked at such a weird situation and simply have to find a reason.
The other day I had to remove the dreaded Avast from a system which had acquired it via a ccleaner download, and although it seems to have worked well, now when certain programs are run, the computer actually restarts itself. Numerous tests suggest all is as it was and even bring it back to before installation of avast makes it do the same thing.Luckily these pieces of software are system tools by third parties so not really an issue most of the time, but it does make one realise how many weird ways there are to run-in a perfectly working system.

Short of a complete re install of everything there is probably no way to fix it as it is the diagnostic tools that cause the crashes.
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I'm sorry you are spending so much time trying to solve the problem. I think that, rather than continuing to try to solve it, it makes much more sense to open the program without NVDA running, then just leave it opened.

Of course, it's up to you how much time you want to spend solving what is a minor annoyance, I wouldn't have spent much time on it at all, myself. There are some problems that, in my opinion, aren't worth spending time trying to solve when there is an easy work around.

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Subject: [nvda] Cannot Start Outlook 2016 While NVDA Is Running

Dear All,

Apart from working my way around starting Outlook without the reader, I have
made no progress in figuring out what is the cause or solution for why my
Outlook crashes when trying to open while NVDA is running. Here is what has
been tried--all without success:

1. I don't know about logs, but the programmer who helped me said that the
NVDA log shows no problem when the event occurs.
2. We have restored Windows to two different restore points dated before I
noticed the problem.
3. We repaired Office through a long Internet connected repair process.


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