conflict with apps using the NVDA key

Didier Colle

Hi all,

I am pretty happy running emacspeak in a linux gentoo system as a virtualbox guest on my windows system.

I run the X version launched by the cygwin startxwin command as follows: "startxwin `which ssh` -XY dcolle@localhost emacs -- -multiwindow"

This has the advantage that I am not bothered with the lag while typing in the cygwin shell, good clipboard integration between both environments, and I am not bothered with the virtualbox guest modifier keys.

That works great in combination with NVDA for the host environment.

Until now I have been using the windows host for webbrowsing and pdf file reading. Now I want to try this in the gentoo vbox environment (that recently there have been problems with firefox is no coincidence; even ff58 does not run always flawlessly).

My intention is to launch firefox or evince from the cmd-line in the emacspeak environment; to make them accessible I would need the orca screen reader.

Orca uses caps-lock as modifier in laptop layout (and insert in desktop layout): the same modifier keys as NVDA is using.

I guess that will not work nicely together. (I have still to experiment).

Thus my general question: how to deal with apps using themself modifier keys identical to those used by NVDA? Is it possible to avoid NVDA consuming such key combinations while in certain apps?

Thanks a lot and kind regards,


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