Re: Google drive again


hi brian.
do you mean that google drive can be used on xp again?
i did not test it until now, but in many different programs, i recieve
the error which you mentioned.

'if you were in the middle of something' the application that you worked on it,
i dont remember the rest of error completely.
but i recieve this error very often!
do you mean that this is an error special for windows xp?
do users of other windows recieve this error?
God bless you all.

On 2/10/18, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io
<> wrote:
Strangely this morning Google drive has come back to xp again, using the old

google drive software, not the new one which crashes with that wonderful
'if you were in the middle of something' error so beloved of xp users!

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