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You know brian thats what I have been driving at.

Who cares about the windows interface, maybe you buy the core and a default skin then get others.

What is wrong with windows xp interface, nothing.

No search box but whatever.

win7 searchbox is nice, maybe I get that, but the rest well.

Win7 is not that bad.

Now win10 interface is not all bad, I mean the main desktop right now is fine, and I must admit those shortcut keys are nice.

The searchboxes all over the place I could do with out and all the universal apps, some are really good but I have no problem with classic skype and classic desktop apps.

You are right about the hardware.

Because of the intel foul up, systems are slower, I have old systems some first gen which ran reasonably right but are now really bad.

I have certain boxes that will just not run right anymore.

As for skins, I don't mind if I can buy skins or even use certain elements, I want the win7 skin the xp skin, and maybe the windows 9x classic skins.

And if then we are going to skins, what if you could run windows skins on a linux kernal, yeah you would have to pay to run windows on linux but then I'd do it.

100-200  bucks for everything or 10-30 bucks a skin, gladly would I part with my cash.

Then We wouldn't have this issue.

More rich sound themes including ambient sound for different places.

Same could be for visuals I guess.

And some way to switch interfaces ofcause.

Then windows would be a truely universal os.

But yeah win10 is not one big crashing crap pile.

But its not that tidy from all the recovery partitions it creates, to the fact things seem to be added every little while and they call it progress.

The fact that sometimes this means drivers suddenly just don't work anymore and I have to install them.

To all sorts of things.

On the last update of windows, the graphics card didn't work, and wehn I got it working and checked the program with my hp it found the update for that.

Still things didn't work a check of the site told me I was misssing a lot but what about all the boxes that just don't get updates anymore, eventually the new boxes will not get updates then we have an issue.

To be honest I am all for an addition of windows that you got, you setup, and you could opt out of ever getting feature updates at all but then would have to get the latest update, something like firefox esr.

Right now you can in some additions do this and stop all together updates for various things but if you do once the time expires you are pritty much locked out of updating, till you manually update, reformat, or get some help.

Then again I never understood that feature.

At any rate in the end you would have no choice.

On 11/02/2018 9:03 p.m., Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
What makes you think they are not. I'm always being told to get up to date, yet those I know who have seem to have no end of issues in windows 10, the main one, sadly is having to wait for a surprise every few months when Microsoft create a new set of wheels and usually forget to tighten the wheel nuts resulting in one dropping off, so a new fix comes out to superglue it back on. There is a lot to be said for good design and adaptability  baked in at the start, rather than this  current messing about with operating systems conceived  over  a coffee or so it seems. By now windows should be a core and have several skins which include the apis that work, so we can make it look and feel like we want for a given task or for those who are used to a particular way of things working.
There will always be security issues and attempting to block holes will always go on and its no good trying to make bomb proof browsers that only half work or whatever only to find its the bloomin hardware which is  bust in the first place. Honestly its like some comedy sit com at the moment. Loads of people  talking the talk but not actually doing a lot.
Like everything, we are the weakest link in the main, I'm surprised nobody has suggested an upgrade for ourselves by now!
Anyway. getting back to the subject for once, nvda would be much easier to make work if the playing field we were working in did not keep on being dug up by moles and termites. I hope you get my drift.
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Well I am really sick of this, task manager is so crappy and useless because of how it is the win7 one just worked.

I think its time for another alternit to task manager because crappy uia is obviously sucking.

I still say dispite all the new tech thats going on with uia that old crappy crap that it is the old msaa and older decade old out of date and now crappy stuff is still good for the user.

Just because microsoft says its old and crap now doesn't mean the users share the same experience.

Xp is crap because microsoft says it is, yet I am sure it started faster than win10 or 7 ever did on standard hard drives and there was nothing wrong with its interface.

I do wander if there are other task managers that will do simple things, processes and apps, the rest of it can go to the dogs for all I care.

And with all the cpu slowdowns going on due to updates and all the issues around that even the workstation my dad uses even with a lot of stuff taken off is now slow.

I have older i3 units and older systems that while were just barely usefull and some newer systems that were quite speedy, I may as well use for target shooting due to them being so slow they don't work well with anything.

I am glad I still use 7.

Serious outside my blustering, something has to get done with task manager, are ther alternitives, will an older win7 task manager work in the mean time, can the newer task manager get faster.

Universal apps are not like this, if there were like this users would be really angry.

On 10/02/2018 3:46 a.m., Felix G. wrote:
Hi Paul,
Task Manager is a bit slow on Windows 10 due to the way it implements UIA.
Make sure you got the Windows 10 Essentials add-on installed, and after
opening Task Manager, give it some time to fully establish communication
with NVDA. For me, anything up to a minute or even slightly more is
unfortunately normal.

P. Otter <> schrieb am Fr., 9. Feb. 2018 um 13:13 Uhr:

hello, a long, long time ago, it was possible for me to use the
so it was possible to stop a programm to run.
now, i've problems with my skype, i've updated it to 7.40 but there is
something wrong in this version.
i'm using windows 10 (newest version) and nvda2017.4
from the moment i'm running 7.40 of skype, and someone is calling me, i
hear skype ringing, that is as usual.
but when i accepted the call, skype keeps ringing, also when i've ended
the call, skype keeps ringing until i've stoped skype in the taskmanager
or i've reboot my computer.
what i wrote before, it was a long time ago possible to use the
taskmager but now i only hear list, list, list.
there is nothing i can do else than reboot my computer.
that is very annoing
is there a possibillity to use the taskmanager again or ofcaurse a
solution to use skype without false ringing problems?
i have 64 bit windows 10 running.
thank you in advance for your answer
paul otter


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