Re: How to silence NVDA when Cortana speaks?


Well someone did a test on google alexa and siri you can load all of these on your phone at any rate.

Anyway, both alexa and google had just about the same results, slightly differently worded, siri though put out a dumb responce.

Its really behind the rest, really crappy now, I am unsure what apple are doing.

There are better ais out there.

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And alexa and hey google are miles ahead of Siri so that leaves her as a bit of a lame duck.

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I use Cortana for directions, scores to all ball games, weather in many places around the world, and also time around the world, and that is just a start LOL!
Cortana is not quite as smart as SIRI, but they are beginning to run neck and neck LOL!
Personal assistants are my favorite toys LOL!
If you guys would like, I have an entire list of Cortana commands and questions for her LOL!
David Moore
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Subject: Re: [nvda] How to silence NVDA when Cortana speaks?

glad to hear you are using the feature, I have not found it as responsive as SIRI.


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Subject: [nvda] How to silence NVDA when Cortana speaks?
I wan to silence NVDA while Cortana speaks in Windows 10? Are there ways to do this other than clicking the CTRL key?



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