Re: Serious issue with last two NVDA snapshots

Jonathan COHN

That error sounds like something with the NVDA remote addin. What happens if you disable the addon?

´╗┐On 2/10/18, 8:10 AM, " on behalf of Christo de Klerk" < on behalf of christodeklerk@...> wrote:

Hello all

When I installed the last two NVDA master snapshots on my 64 bit Lenovo,
I have run into the following problem: When I start NVDA, an error
message comes up with the title: "nvdaHelperRemote
(outprocMgrThreadFunc)" and the text in the dialog is: "Error
registering focus winEvent hook". There is only an Ok button. When I Ok
the dialog, NVDA works, except there is no browse mode which makes using
apps like a web browser impossible. I had to fall back to an earlier
snapshot where everything works again. I can add that this problem
happens only on my 64 bit computer and not on the 32 bit.

Any thoughts/advice please? I hope the developers are noting this.

Kind regards


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