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I cannot find the original report of this thread, but I have had no issues with recent snaps on 64 bit machines. Maybe some dependency has been removed. Often if you are updating though the old file is still present and its only when a new copy in a completely deleted installation is made that problems in add ons show up that were masked before.
The main cases of this was during the removal of the nvda service when xp support was removed.

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That error sounds like something with the NVDA remote addin. What happens if you disable the addon?

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Hello all

When I installed the last two NVDA master snapshots on my 64 bit Lenovo,
I have run into the following problem: When I start NVDA, an error
message comes up with the title: "nvdaHelperRemote
(outprocMgrThreadFunc)" and the text in the dialog is: "Error
registering focus winEvent hook". There is only an Ok button. When I Ok
the dialog, NVDA works, except there is no browse mode which makes using
apps like a web browser impossible. I had to fall back to an earlier
snapshot where everything works again. I can add that this problem
happens only on my 64 bit computer and not on the 32 bit.

Any thoughts/advice please? I hope the developers are noting this.

Kind regards


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