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but for me, who use nvda 2017.2, nvda becomes silent many times, i
should unload it again,
after ten seconds nvda loads again and only says: nvda loading please
waite and i cant do anytthing.
one time i experienced this very seriously and could not do anything
just says: please waite!
so, i restart my system to work again.
for me, previous versions until 2016.2 was very great and responsive.
between newer versions, i only did not have this issue (at least most
of times was responsive), only 2017.1

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That is indeed very odd, as in the main I'd say that the last two versions
of nvda have been much better than anything from 2015, unless the version of

Firefox or a combination of add ons in it are doing things not entirely
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Well, in frustration, I uninstalled the latest version of NVDA and installed

one from 2015. Voila! Everything is working. I don't know why. No more
unknowns and silences. Since it's an earlier version perhaps the finer
tunings don't work as well, but it's nice to have it back!

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