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anthony borg

Hi gene

Firstly thanks very much for yourhelp and explanation. Oh yes, can you please explain to me how to do it the file through media player?

Thanks in advance



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Some sites won't let you save the file using save target as.  Save target as is described by some people as the way to save everything.  It's not.  You are saving the actual link, the way that site is organized.  Press enter on the play link and let it start to play in whatever browser you are using, if you are using Firefox or Chrome.  Then, when play begins, use the command control s to open a save dialog.  Use that dialog to save the audio file.  I'm not sure that will work in Internet Explorer but if you are using Internet Explorer, I think it will either open the save dialog or it will open Windows Media Player or some other program.  You can tell us what happens and we might be able to tell you how to save the file from the player.



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Hi folks

I wonder if anyone can help me. I’m trying to download a podcast from a particular website and evrytime I try to use the save target as to save it.

It always being saved as html file and not as mp3.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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