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JM Casey <crystallogic@...>

I don't know how to explain the preferences dialog. Sometimes it works ok; sometimes it doesn't. It's generally a bit of a frustrating experience. Sometimes for instance when you are on a checkbox, you need to actively check or uncheck the box with the spacebar before you can even be sure you are on a checkbox at all. I wish I could elucidate this program a little better.

As for moving around in a file ... there are commands for this. You should read the hotkey table. Shift-left or right for instance will move you a short increment; ctrl-left or right a longer increment (I can't remember the default increments, but they are probably configurable, given that this is vlc).

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did someone try vlc version 3?
the last version that i tried is 2.2.8.
it workes, but not very intuative like km or potplayer.
for example:
i cant go forward or backword using just left and right arrow keys which makes navigation a little fifficult.
and when i go to preferences nvda says pane pane pane many times, after announcing specific option, it tells about fonts!
exactly like the time that you use nvda+f!
what should i do to prevent this problem?

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Ah. Cheers, Gene.

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There is a tutorial up on my website for VLC media player but it is
more for playing dvds with audio description and music which should
also have a link to the add on in the page.

it can be found at

After going to the page you will need to jump down by headings to the
VLC media player tutorial.

hope it helps.

Gene nz

On 2/14/2018 8:24 AM, JM Casey wrote:

I’ve never used it with this Chromecast. I use it to play videos, for
which it’s excellent. No tutorials that I know of. My experience with the program?
It’s very powerful and versatile, but sometimes things are
non-intuitive, and certain things, like the advanced preferences
dialog screen, don’t always play so nicely with screen-readers. It is
however possible to change the VLC interface. I don’t know if there
are any specific interface alterations available that work better with
NVDA. I’d certainly be interested to find out. For now, I’ve *mostly*
gotten the program to do everything I want it to do. The hardest
thing, strangely enough, has been to save my own equalizer settings
for movies, but I think I finally got that covered.

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There is an add-on for it. That will help quite a bit with usage.


On 2/13/2018 8:56 AM, Christopher Bartlett wrote:

Has anyone any experience using the VLC media player with NVDA? I've
just installed it in order to take advantage of its ability to use a
Chromecast, and, while I've gotten it to work, I'm wondering if anone
has done a good tutorial for VLC, either with NVDA, or just in general.

Christopher BArtlett


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