Google appearing in Frame in Firefox

Cearbhall O'Meadhra

Hi all,


I am using Firefox latest version, windows 10 and Google search page with the latest NVDA.


I have set my default page in Firefox to:


This has worked fine for many years until two nights ago.


Now Google opens up with some sort of frame that I cannot navigate clearly enough to describe here. The frame ends with a got it button which appears under the cursor when the page is fully loaded. I press enter or space bar to select the got it button in the hope that this will bring me back to the simple Google search edit box. However, nothing happens!


The screen goes completely still and no keys work on it. NVDA freezes. After about two minutes, NVDA wakes up and announces Google but then stops.


When I get a bit of reaction from the screen I can see that Google is in some sort of frame. I cannot find any description of frames in Firefox and so I am stumped!


Can anyone advise what is happening and what I can do to get back to my normal Google search window?


By the way, I had the latest Firefox when this problem first appeared. I have now gone back to Firefox  56.2 in the hope that the earlier Firefox would not invoke the Google frames but Google still does the same thing. I opened Google with the search?complete=0 argument and it opens without any problem. This issue seems to apply only to Firefox when using the Google search engine.


Please help while I still have some hair left!


All the best,




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