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Brian, I do know that wednesdays are at least for me in new zealand the days updates happen.

So I usually get up at 6 am, turn on all the systems I can, and remote into all the systems that are active, and update them all with all the updates, by 7-7.30 updates come from ms and I update before I use the system.

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Windows did an update today, at least windows 7 did and itt was very insistant, every time I told it to defer it it came back so I had to close umpteen windows down after saving contents so it could restart.
One annoying thing about the restart of windows is that the window opened that has the countdown is not opened in the forground, so very often I've had the thing shut down while I was working on a document meaning I had to recover it from a list afterwarrds.

Its a pity that nvda could not spot update windows and alert one to their presence.
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I spoke too soon!  I was enjoying having NVDA back and then windows did an update and  things are back to the way they were before. (frown)

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Subject: [nvda] Earlier version working

Well, in frustration, I uninstalled the latest version of NVDA and installed one from 2015.  Voila! Everything is working.  I don't know why.  No more unknowns and silences.  Since it's an earlier version perhaps the finer tunings don't work as well, but it's nice to have it back!

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